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Excellent sensitivity and field-proven reliability of TES products for Environmental Monitoring, Air Quality Monitoring, Process Monitoring and many more.

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At TES, we create and provide a range of cutting-edge monitoring solutions for a variety of sectors. Through the use of reliable, real-time data, we have assisted hundreds of organisations in maintaining air quality compliance and completing successful projects.

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The TES monitoring systems featuring cutting-edge software, purpose-built for both indoors and outdoors. A robust, weatherproof enclosure helps maintain optimal performance in rugged conditions, while a modular design makes it easy to customize your monitoring program. An integrated, turnkey solution used by industrial operators, environmental consultants, regulatory authorities, researchers, and health and safety managers. Lower stakeholder risk, reduce time on site, and access quality data and alerts from anywhere.

The range of products can be configured to measure a range of parameters, including particulate matter, gaseous pollutants, environmental factors, water pollutants, meteorological factors and many more.

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We are one of the leading players of instrumentation in India

We design and deliver integrated, real-time monitoring systems. Now you can measure air and water quality, without the hassle, cost and risk associated with traditional air monitoring and water analysis projects.


Ground Water Level Recorder

TES made GWLR-AT-01, Digital Ground Water Level Recorder Piezometer, is a data logger and submersible pressure transducer combination designed for remote monitoring and recording of water level or pore pressure data. The sensor is lowered into the well on a reinforced cable and submerged below the water. Once in place, the initial water pressure reading is synced with the current water level.

  • Features: Patent pending Technology | Solar Powered | Network agnostic | Over the air Update | Compact | Real time data | Weatherproof | 3-level Calibration
  • Parameters: pressure | Temperature | Water Level | Depth
  • Technology: Pressure transducer
  • Attachements: Datalogger | Cable | Solar
  • Data Accessibility: USB | Wifi
  • Downloads: GWLR Manual
  • Applications: Wells | Bores